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Williams/Mejia Settlement

To: All current and former non-exempt employees of Dispensing Dynamics International, Inc. (“DDI”) who worked in California, as well as all current and former non-exempt employees of staffing agencies, Staffing Network Holdings LLC (“Staffing Network”), Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, Inc., Dream Team Services, Inc., Aerotek, Inc., Manufacturing Pros, LLC, and Priority Business Services (collectively, the “Staffing Agencies”), who were either employed by DDI in California or assigned to perform services at DDI in California at any time from August 25, 2010 through March 31, 2016 (the “Class Period”).

What are these lawsuits about?

Two lawsuits entitled Williams v. Dispensing Dynamics International, Inc. and Staffing Network LLC et al. (Case No. BC 580335) and Mejia v. Dispensing Dynamics International, Inc., Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, Inc., et al. (Case No. BC 555868) are now pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court (the “Lawsuits”). Plaintiffs, Janet Williams and Ana Isabel Mejia (“Plaintiffs” or “Class Representatives”), have filed class action lawsuits on behalf of themselves and a putative class of current and former non-exempt DDI employees and employees of the Staffing Agencies who were assigned to DDI (the “Class”) and have alleged the following causes of action: (1) failure to provide required meal periods; (2) failure to provide required rest breaks; (3) failure to pay overtime wages; (4) failure to pay minimum wages; (5) failure to pay all wages due to discharged and/or quitting employees; (6) failure to timely pay all wages; (7) failure to maintain required records; (8) failure to furnish accurate itemized wage statements; (9) unfair and unlawful business practices; (10) penalties under the Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act; and (11) breach of contract. Plaintiffs seek a monetary recovery on behalf of the Class asserted in the Lawsuits for the alleged violations, along with penalties, interest, costs, and attorneys’ fees.
Defendants contend that they have complied with all laws, deny the allegations in the Lawsuits, and deny that class certification is appropriate. The Court has not formed any opinions or made any rulings concerning the merits of the Lawsuits or whether the Lawsuits can proceed as class or representative actions.


Your Legal Rights And Options In This Settlement 
Do Nothing  If you do nothing, you will be part of the Settlement Class and entitled to receive payment under the Settlement Agreement. You will receive simultaneously two settlement checks, one check for the non-Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) released claims and a second check for the FLSA released claims. If you cash the FLSA check, you will be deemed to have opted in and are releasing FLSA claims within the scope of the release set forth below. 
 Exclude Yourself  You may “opt-out” of any connection with this case, including the rejection of any right to a settlement payment from this process to preserve your claim.
 Object  Write to the Court if you do not like the Settlement.

Settlement Administrator

Williams/Mejia Settlement Administrator
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